About us

Our history

Cosmetic company TIMEX- company is one of the best-known industrial companies in Russia, steadily working on domestic and foreign markets have more than 20 years. Our distribution centers covering the entire territory of Russia, the company has business ties in the CIS and the CU has established export channels. Today, Timex is a constantly growing company offering the market a wide range of cosmetic products purpose: the usual daily consumption of goods to the innovation. The active portfolio of more than 1,500 kinds of products. We are constantly monitoring trends and tendencies of the market, offering its customers the most advanced products at an attractive price.

Our opportunities

We have 2 own laboratories equipped with everything necessary for development and testing, qualified personnel and the desire to constantly go ahead, allow the company to produce goods that are in great demand in the market. Such brands as our TimBriz, Velvet, Compliment, existing since the inception of the company, are strongly associated with stable quality, proven action and reasonable price. Our employees are constantly improving their skills, attend seminars and workshops, participate in international beauty trade shows and conferences.

We are actively cooperating with the major federal and regional retail chains, both in the direction of creating an STM, and promotion of locally manufactured goods.

Our mission

The primary purpose of the company is the production of its own powers a wide range of cosmetic products of decent quality, using the latest recipes private packaging materials world’s leading companies, while maintaining the price affordable for a wide range of consumers with an average income.

We are proud of the fact that the use in their products only certified raw materials of European manufacturers. Our recipes meet the latest environmental safety requirements differ guaranteed action and satisfy the most demanding customers.

As a major manufacturer of cosmetics, we have accumulated considerable experience in this field and are ready to offer mutually advantageous cooperation with our partners and customers.