Compliment Silk Skin Cream Rejuvenating balm for hands

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Cream-balm with a high content of natural oils and plant extracts, absorbs quickly without a greasy, suitable for everyday use. Collagen and elastin – hydrolyzed protein fibers are identical synthesized epidermis, make up the lack of them and create a structural framework, which gives the skin firmness and elasticity. Avocado oil and sea buckthorn provide effective nutrition, recovery and mitigation for the skin, making it soft and velvety, smoothes the skin and healing of minor cuts and fractures. Ginseng has a regenerative and bactericidal action, stimulates the production of collagen, smoothes, tones and calms sensitive skin, slows down its aging. Goji Berries (youth berries) increase the barrier function of the skin, moisturize it and tone, protect skin cells from stress and negative external factors, have a regenerating and bactericidal action. Also improve the structure and skin texture, prevent the appearance of signs of aging and help to smooth out fine wrinkles. Volume: 200 ml.