TimBriz Comfort Shaving Foam for Sensitive Skin

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Complex protection against irritations Easy Glide: Provides intensive softening the bristles for the most thorough shave. It creates a protective coating and reduces friction, providing a safe shave, without cuts. It contains natural oil slip the blade. Actively protects against irritation while shaving. Prevents redness and dryness of the skin after. Shaving foam is designed for sensitive male skin prone to the appearance of flaking, irritation and feelings of tightness. Allantoin softens and lifts hairs enhances razor glide, making shaving process easy and non-invasive skin. Chamomile extract accelerates the healing of micro, soothes and stimulates its recovery, removes the feeling of tightness and discomfort. Almond oil and vitamin E in the composition of the foam make it suitable for a comfortable shave even the most sensitive skin, thanks to their unique softening and nourishing properties. Volume: 200 ml

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